Monday, April 23, 2012

Wherefore art thou blog-worthy days...

As usual, I have so much to do but I don't know what to do. I am setting the exam paper now but I am just not in the mood. I don't feel like doing any work at the moment. And I just want to laze around. But I just can't so here I am blogging away aimlessly. I'm hoping for more eventful days when I have stories to tell but the day is not coming. The elusive reportable day...
 I shall write about these for my next blog visit:
My fine experience in Malaysia.
Feeling alone with friends around me.

2nd May 2012 I have to enter this into my blog. This morning, I encountered the friendly kid at the multi-storey carpark once more. This kid has the habit of turning around before he leaves the elevator and say 'goodbye!' to everyone inside. The first time I saw him, I was so mesmerised by his friendliness that I couldn't bring myself to close the elevator door on him (Once he steps out of the elevator, he will turn around and look at us inside.). The other guy inside the elevator told me I was pressing the wrong button as I kept pressing the 'door open' button. I felt like telling him to just enjoy the cuteness and innocence of a three-year-old which will be lost once he grows up. Today, because of the boy, the other man inside the elevator actually acknowledged me before leaving the elevator. One thing this three-year-old boy has taught the adults in the elevator: Acknowledge the other person in the room even if you don't know them.

3rd May 2012
'Let's sing to be happy, to feel things, to communicate, and be heard
Or sing out to protest, and to protect, and to harmonize with birds
Whether it's your birthday, or your dying day
It's a celebration too
Rejoice to use your voice, and give wings to any your choice
Whatever you're choosing right now, it's right well where you are
You don't need a vacation when there's nothing to escape from'
Jason Mraz (Everything is Sound) 
It's my Birthday and actress, Emma Yong passed away.
Many grieved, some only realizing her existence when the news of her death surfaced.
Did anyone care of the moments when she was suffering from cancer? I wonder.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Can I replace FB statuses with this blog?

I am tired now but I have to stay on because I need to get my work done. I have only 10 minutes left before I leave office and these notes have not been printed yet. Counting down, I have three more days but all filled with activities I doubt I have time for anything. Sighs? Nah... As usual, I'll do what I can humanely possible do. Can I add my smiley? :) Well. back to my work... Me at 7:06pm 10/04/2012 ----- I was on my way to pray today when there was an oil truck that broke down right in the middle of the junction. Traffic built up and some vehicles had problems moving especially the heavy vehicles in the lane beside mine. So I felt like being a civic-conscious citizen and gave way to a bus and a van. To my fury, the delivery truck behind me horned at me. I felt like getting down of my car like what Altay did and tell off the driver. I had a feeling I would get into a fight and I was wearing my work T-shirt then. So, I passed off that thought and instead just waved my hand at the driver. Actually the initial intention was to show him my middle finger but again, I didn't want to get into trouble. Some drivers have to show more consideration towards any situation on the road. I gave way to a bus because there are so many passengers in it. While my time was precious, so were the time of those people in the bus. That would probably add up to many times more than mine. Unfortunately, the selfish truck driver couldn't realize this. Me at 9.45pm 13/04/2012 ----- My students were very happy after their trip from China. They spent 5 weeks in Chengdu with Ryan And Kathy. Those 5 weeks are always such a joy even when they had so much to work on. The freedom of being away from their parents must have appealed to them. I was told that Gabriel 'scolded' me on FB. He took me out of his friend list (I'm indifferent to that) and then I was told he was scolding me on FB. I wonder what he has written. I care for students who care for themselves. Who work with us in their own personal development. Those with self destructive tendencies, I will definitely try to talk them out of it but how much attention can we give to such people? Eventually we will have to leave them be if all they do is take advantage of the kindness of the people around them. And if their behaviour starts to be detrimental to others as well, definitely, intervention has to be taken. I cannot sympathise with such characters and I have no apologies for not giving any chances to them. What is chance if it is given far too many times? Me at 2pm 14/04/2012 ----- I'm at the pharmacy today. Didn't have much sleep last night, only about four hours of it. Right after lunch, I feel my heavy head and eyelids. Yesterday, I brought Kamran and Xaqani out. We went to Little India, Mustaffa, Arab Street, Esplanade, Merlion, Geylang (for late night fruits)and Al-Azhar. Altay and Bilgehan joined halfway into the night. Came back at 4.30am for my short sleep. Today in the pharmacy, I saw a discounted surf tour from Groupon to Porto. I am contemplating to get it but really thinking of my financial 'constraints'. I'm just trying to save up. Why? Can't disclose the reasons on this blog. Later I will look for the OST for Hunger Games and I'll get Jason Mraz and Madonna's new CD. Madonna? Let's see if I change my mind. Me at 5.35pm 15/04/2012 -----